Rebuilt Fuller Transmissions

Rebuilt Fuller Transmissions.

Remanufactured Fuller transmission units sold by GDTS are built to Fuller factory standards using genuine OEM parts. The finest quality, fully rebuilt units with rigorous assembly and testing specifications.

* Built by a Fuller authorized remanufacturer with genuine parts and reliable service.
* All technicians are highly trained.
* 100% genuine OEM gearing and overhaul kits used.
* We offer all Fuller transmission models.
* Fully remanufactured to Fuller OEM specifications and dyno-tested for quality assurance.
* Nationwide warranty coverage for fast reliable service and repair.
* All rebuilt transmissions come with a: 2-Year warranty with unlimited miles.

PDF LogoParts Manuals and Service Manuals.

We offer both On-Highway and Off-Highway models and we have one of the largest transmission inventories in the country.

Our emanufactured Eaton Fuller exchange units are ready to install, just fill it with oil and you're ready to get back on the road!

Click to call: 888 9-4-GEARS | 888 944-3277

Rebuilt Fuller exchange transmissions are available in all models. Heavy duty units in 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds as well as Mid-Range 5, 6 and 7 speed units, all are ready to ship today.

We stock a complete line of repair parts including but not limited to: Overhaul kits, gasket and seal kits, bearing kits, basic rebuild kits, small parts, synchronizers, gears, shafts, cases and replacement parts for all models.

We also offer a full line of Factory re-manufactured and new Eaton Fuller models.

And a complete line of professionally remanufactured Allison, Eaton, Mack, Meritor, Rockwell and Spicer transmissions and parts.

Call Today: 888 944-3277
One call does it all.
We export and offer same day shipping on most models.

Eaton Fuller Mid-Range Transmission Models We Offer:
AT-1202, FR-11210B, FR-12210B, FR-13210B, FR-14210B, FR-15210B, FR-9210B, FRF-11210B, FRF-12210B, FRF-13210B, FRF-14210B, FRF-15210B, FRF-9210B, FRLO-14410C-T2, FRLO-15410C, FRLO-15410C-T2, FRLO-16410C, FRLO-16410C-T2, FRLOF-14410C, FRLOF-14410C-T2, FRLOF-15410C, FRLOF-15410C-T2, FRLOF-16410C, FRLOF-16410C-T2, FRO-11210B, FRO-11210C, FRO-12210B, FRO-12210C, FRO-13210B, FRO-13210C, FRO-14210B, FRO-14210C, FRO-15210B, FRO-15210C, FRO-16210B, FRO-16210C, FRO-17210C, FRO-18210C, FROF-11210B, FROF-11210C, FROF-12210B, FROF-12210C, FROF-13210B, FROF-13210C, FROF-14210B, FROF-14210C, FROF-15210B, FROF-15210C, FROF-16210B, FROF-16210C, FRM-15210B, FS-4005A, FS-4005B, FS-4005C, FS-4205A, FS-4205B, FS-4205C, FS-5005A, FS-5005B, FS-5005C, FS-5106A, FS-5205A, FS-5205B, FS-5205C, FS-5306A, FS-5406A, FS-5406N, FS-6205A, FS-6205B, FS-6206A, FS-6305A, FS-6305B, FS-6306A, FS-6406A, FS-6406N, FS-7206A, FS-8206A, FSB-5406B, FSO-4305, FSO-6406A and FSO-8406A.

Eaton Fuller Heavy Duty Transmission Models We Offer:
RT-11109A-AT, RT-11109A-ATR, RT-11109A-ATS, RT-12109A-AT, RT-14109A-ATS, RT-14910B-AS2, RT-7608LL, RT-8608L, RT-8908LL, RTF-8608L, RTF-8908LL, RTLO-11118A-MT, RTLO-11610BRTLO-11610B-T2, RTLO-12610B, RTLO-12610B-T2, RTLO-12713A, RTLO-12913A, RTLO-13610B, RTLO-13610B-T2, RTLO-14610A, RTLO-14610B, RTLO-14610B-T2, RTLO-14613B, RTLO-14618A, RTLO-14713A, RTLO-14718B, RTLO-14913A, RTLO-14918A-AS2, RTLO-14918A-AS3, RTLO-14918B, RTLO-14918B-AS, RTLO-14918B-T2, RTLO-15610B, RTLO-15610B-T2, RTLO-16610B, RTLO-16610B-T2, RTLO-16618A, RTLO-16713A, RTLO-16713A-T2, RTLO-16718B, RTLO-16913A, RTLO-16913A-T2, RTLO-16913L-DM3, RTLO-16913L-DM3, RTLO-16918A-AS2, RTLO-16918A-AS3, RTLO-16918B, RTLO-16918B-AS, RTLO-16918B-T2, RTLO-17610B, RTLO-17610B-T2, RTLO-18610B, RTLO-18610B-T2, RTLO-18718B, RTLO-18718B-T2, RTLO-18913A, RTLO-18913A-T2, RTLO-18918A-AS2, RTLO-18918A-AS3, RTLO-18918B, RTLO-18918B-AS, RTLO-18918B-T2, RTLO-20913A, RTLO-20918A-AS2, RTLO-20918A-AS3, RTLO-20918B, RTLO-20918B-AS, RTLO-20918B-T2, RTLO-22918A-AS2, RTLO-22918A-AS3, RTLO-22918B, RTLO-9118A-MT, RTLOC-16909A-T2, RTLOF-11610B, RTLOF-11610B-T2, RTLOF-12610B, RTLOF-12610B-T2, RTLOF-12713A, RTLOF-12913A, RTLOF-13610B, RTLOF-13610B-T2, RTLOF-14610B, RTLOF-14610B-T2, RTLOF-14613B, RTLOF-14618A, RTLOF-14713A, RTLOF-14718B, RTLOF-14913A, RTLOF-14918B, RTLOF-14918B-T2, RTLOF-15610B, RTLOF-15610B-T2, RTLOF-16610B, RTLOF-16610B-T2, RTLOF-16618A, RTLOF-16713A, RTLOF-16713A-T2, RTLOF-16718B, RTLOF-16913A, RTLOF-16913A-T2, RTLOF-16918B, RTLOF-16918B-T2, RTLOF-17610B, RTLOF-17610B-T2, RTLOF-18610B, RTLOF-18718B, RTLOF-18913A, RTLOF-18913A-T2, RTLOF-18918B, RTLOF-18918B-T2, RTLOF-20913A, RTLOF-20918B, RTLOF-20918B-T2, RTLOF-22918B, RTLOFC-16909A-T2, RTLOM-16913L-DM3, RTO-10710B-AS2, RTO-10910B-AS2, RTO-10910B-AS3, RTO-10910B-DM2, RTO-10910B-DM3, RTO-11109A-AT, RTO-11109A-ATS, RTO-11109B-AT, RTO-11109B-ATE, RTO-11109B-ATR, RTO-11109B-ATS, RTO-11607L, RTO-11607LL, RTO-11608LL, RTO-11707DLL, RTO-11707LL, RTO-11708LL, RTO-11709MLL, RTO-11908LL, RTO-11909ALL, RTO-11909MLL, RTO-12109A-AT, RTO-12109B-AT, RTO-12710B-AS2, RTO-12910B-AS2, RTO-12910B-AS3, RTO-12910B-DM2, RTO-12910B-DM3, RTO-13109A-ATE, RTO-13109B-AT, RTO-13109B-ATE, RTO-13707DLL, RTO-13707MLL, RTO-14109A-ATE, RTO-14109A-ATS, RTO-14109B-AT, RTO-14109B-ATE, RTO-14109B-ATS, RTO-14608LL, RTO-14709MLL, RTO-14710B-AS2, RTO-14710C-AS2, RTO-14908LL, RTO-14909ALL, RTO-14909MLL, RTO-14910B-AS2, RTO-14910B-AS3, RTO-14910B-DM2, RTO-14910B-DM3, RTO-14910C-AS2, RTO-14910C-AS3, RTO-16109A-AT, RTO-16109A-ATE, RTO-16109B-AT, RTO-16109B-ATE, RTO-16710C-AS2, RTO-16908LL, RTO-16909ALL, RTO-16910B-AS2, RTO-16910B-AS3, RTO-16910B-DM2, RTO-16910B-DM3, RTO-16910C-AS2, RTO-16910C-AS3, RTO-18910B-AS2, RTO-18910B-AS3, RTO-9109A-AT, RTO-9109B-AT, RTOF-11607L, RTOF-11607LL, RTOF-11608LL, RTOF-11707LL, RTOF-11708LL, RTOF-11709MLL, RTOF-11908LL, RTOF-11909ALL, RTOF-11909MLL, RTOF-13707DLL, RTOF-13707MLL, RTOF-14608LL, RTOF-14708LL, RTOF-14709MLL, RTOF-14908LL, RTOF-14909ALL, RTOF-14909MLL, RTOF-16908LL, RTOF-16909ALL, RTOM-16910B-DM3, RTX-11509, RTX-11608LL, RTX-11609A, RTX-11609B, RTX-11609P, RTX-11609R, RTX-11610, RTX-11615, RTX-11708LL, RTX-11709A, RTX-11709B, RTX-11709H, RTX-11710B, RTX-11710C, RTX-11715, RTX-12509, RTX-12510, RTX-12515, RTX-12609A, RTX-12609B, RTX-12609P, RTX-12609R, RTX-12610, RTX-12709A, RTX-12709B, RTX-12709H, RTX-12710B, RTX-12710C, RTX-13609A, RTX-13609B, RTX-13609P, RTX-13609R, RTX-13709H, RTX-13710B, RTX-13710C, RTX-14608LL, RTX-14609A, RTX-14609B, RTX-14609P, RTX-14609R, RTX-14610, RTX-14615, RTX-14708LL, RTX-14709A, RTX-14709B, RTX-14709H, RTX-14710B, RTX-14710C, RTX-14715, RTX-15615, RTX-15710B, RTX-15710C, RTX-15715, RTX-16709B, RTX-16709H, RTX-16710B, RTX-16710C, RTXF-11509, RTXF-11608LL, RTXF-11609A, RTXF-11609B, RTXF-11609P, RTXF-11609R, RTXF-11610, RTXF-11615, RTXF-11708LL, RTXF-11709H, RTXF-11710B, RTXF-11710C, RTXF-11715, RTXF-12509, RTXF-12510, RTXF-12515, RTXF-12609A, RTXF-12609B, RTXF-12609P, RTXF-12609R, RTXF-12610, RTXF-12709H. RTXF-12710B, RTXF-12710C, RTXF-13609A, RTXF-13609B, RTXF-13609P, RTXF-13609R, RTXF-13709H, RTXF-13710B, RTXF-13710C, RTXF-14608LL, RTXF-14609A, RTXF-14609B, RTXF-14609P, RTXF-14609R, RTXF-14610, RTXF-14615, RTXF-14708LL, RTXF-14709H, RTXF-14710B, RTXF-14710C, RTXF-14715, RTXF-15615, RTXF-15710B, RTXF-15710C, RTXF-15715, RTXF-16709B, RTXF-16709H, RTXF-16710B and RTXF-16710C.

***Our Warranty***

warranty information

Rebuilt transmissions offered by GDTS are covered with a 2 year, 18 month or 1 year unlimited mileage warranty depending on the manufacturer.

New Transmission Warranty

New Fuller transmissions are covered by the manufacturers warranty and subject to their terms.

Worldwide Exports.

We export truck drivetrain units and repair parts for all makes and models. We can ship directly to your shop or repair facility or to the nearest airport terminal to your location.

We have successfully exported to most countries worldwide and we know how to get your unit or repair parts delivered fast. We look forward to serving all your truck drivetrain repair and part needs for years to come. We will work hard to see that your order is shipped as safely as possible.

We Deliver Worldwide.

We ship remanufactured Fuller transmissions, (All Models) from the USA to destinations around the world. One call does it all. We can also rebuild your truck transmission for you. We will send a truck to pick it up at your location and deliver it back to you fully rebuilt and ready to install, just give us a call.

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